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We are living in an era of technology or in a technological world. Technology has become the main and most important part of human life. It is creating ease for people. Every new day we have new technology. Technology is combining skills, knowledge, techniques,x, and expertise to invent useful tools for solving problems and making life comfortable and easier.

When it came to IT or computer technology, we observe that this field or area in the race of technology is leading. Computer technology is growing rapidly. Cloud computing technology includes the digital and computing services to the services on their demand. A number of companies provide their expert’s services to their customers and solve their problems and guide them.

Benefits of computing technology:

When you are using computer technology, it benefits your remote accessibility. You do not have to travel for hours and cover the distance of miles; you can solve your problems while sitting in your house or office. There is a number of companies who provide their services throughout the world for twenty-four hours. Information technology has removed the physical barriers. Now the world had become a global village where everyone is connected.

What is Rackspace technology?

Rackspace is a cloud managing company in America launched in 1998, having headquartered in Texas, USA. It also has offices in the USA, Hong Kong, UK, and Australia. It is a public managed cloud computing company having its offices all over the world. The company became public in 2008. Apollo Global Management purchased the company in 2016, and the company became a private company. But in June 2020, its name changed to Rackspace Technology, and it again became a public company in August 2020. Rackspace has more than three thousand cloud experts. It now has more than twenty years of clouding experience and provides hosting to half of the 100 Fortune. They have their customers in one hundred and twenty counties.

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History of the company:

law essay writing service uk has explained well about this Rackspace technology, history and uses in their research assignment on top technologies listed for business objectives. The writer summarises the history of the company and how it started? It’s initial days, and how it became the largest cloud managing company, we found that the founder Richard Yoo in 1996 started a small internet providing service out of his garage called Cymitar Network Systems. This company works for web hosting, application development, and internet access. The company started working as application developers and wants to focus on it, not on web hosting, but soon they realize that most of the companies are either unaware of hosting their applications or did not want to do so. So in this situation, they decided to form another company for this purpose, and then in October 1998, Rackspace was launched. The founders of Rackspace are three classmates of Trinity University.

Rackspace was ranked number thirty-two in “Top 100 best companies to work for 2008.”

Services of Rackspace technology:

  • Rackspace serves five continent’s data centres and more than one hundred and forty thousand business customers.
  • Rackspace provides services in managing cloud deployment of both public and private.
  • Rackspace helps you in designing and planning your cloud. It also helps you in the architecture of your cloud. You can also call Rackspace as your cloud architecture advisor.
  • The experts of Rackspace also guide you about the vulnerabilities and provide their service in enabling secure deployments.
  • It would help you in getting a larger number of benefits from the investment you made in technology.
  • Rackspace provides its services twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. They are always and every time available with their experts and services.
  • Rackspace analyzes and manages your business operation and deploys and optimize applications that will maximize and increase their effectiveness.
  • It helps you accessing technology talent.
  • Rackspace Application Service for ERP offers their technical and functional capacities across the globe to their customers in business objectives. The key benefits which Rackspace Application Service for ERP provides include resource optimization, reliability, cost, and efficiency.
  • Rackspace offers its Fanatical Support for Microsoft and AWS.
  • It aims to save customers time and money. It helps customers in managing their IT infrastructure.
  • It is the largest cloud managing company that provides expertise to cloud platforms such as Microsoft cloud, Amazon Web service, and OpenStack.
  • Rackspace technology gives you a choice among the world, leading cloud platforms and technologies. These cloud platforms and technologies in the private cloud include Microsoft, OpenStack, and VMware. Whereas if we look at the public cloud, it includes AWS, Google cloud platform, Alibaba Cloud, OpenStack, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Rackspace managed enterprise and hosting applications.
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There are a number of benefits of cloud management companies. Cloud management platforms help you in analyzing whether you are using sufficient resources for your business or not. And help you in knowing the correct number of resources required for your business. And if we talk about public clouds, they are secure and benefit you in saving your money and time. They can handle your workload and problems and manage your clouds in the best way as they have their expertise in it. They not only help you to come out of your current situation; it also guides you for the future.

Why Rackspace technology?

Rackspace technology provides their best services to their customers and has a strong team of experts who can manage your cloud and your problems related to it and also gave you expert guidance for the future. Their multi-clouds solution helps its customers in increasing their efficiency. They also help their customers in achieving business outcomes faster with the world’s best methods and technologies. It empowers you to work more efficiently, smartly, and quickly. Rackspace has also made huge investments in automation. Sixty percent of their workloads are automated. Automation gave better and efficient outcomes. With AI automation, they can make quick recoveries and predict and judge the failures better. They help you to get that technology which is able to meet your needs. Another plus point which Rackspace technology has is their customer’s incredible experience with them.

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