7 Best Link Building Tips without Get Penalized

Building a backlink is so difficult without getting penalized! This process is straight connected with good content and a creative digital marketing strategy. It is back to the bone about content all reputed specialists, publishers, or bloggers will find tireless and link to. Apart from being newsworthy, the content should straight make a relationship to your brand and get backlinks.

1. Outdated Content Acquisition

The World Wide Web has become a hoarding space for millions of pieces of content. These are poorly maintained and not timeless. This offers good potential for link building and you can easily search through several hundreds of outdated pieces of content in the industry that managed to attract natural links in the past. Using the Outdated Content Finder tool by Greenlane Search Engine Optimization will help you identify under-maintained content that can be recreated or repurposed. Get in touch with the blog owner(s). You may request them to purchase the old page and get it redirected to your latest page version hosted within your domain. You may convince these blog owners by saying that you will give them credit as the original creator through a brand mention.

2. Quizzes

Ever thought of creating quizzes? Well, these are quite helpful in driving social traffic. It will also help you earn links effortlessly. Some of the tools such as Qzzr will provide you with powerful features such as capturing leads and a lot more. Some of the other tools include Kissmetrics, BuzzFeed, and Moz. Quizzes will help you earn links from other websites or social media. It also facilitates branding awareness.

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3. Contest

You should focus on creating content. This incites the audience to share and enter your site. Additionally, people like to participate in contests. It becomes an exciting event for them, especially if they love your brand. When it comes to generating organic links, the strategy is quite effective. Simply create a contest and announce some prizes and giveaways on your website or social media platform. Promote this event as far as possible and promote it. As the contest reaches out to more people, it gets shared and more links it produces.

4. Social Sharing

Social signals have a huge influence on search engine rankings. Hence, it is crucial to attracting links from social networking sites. Your audience can easily share content if you integrate social sharing buttons on your website. The process facilitates the generation of links. Some of the popular social media plug-ins for WordPress preferred by bloggers include Social Deux, AddThis, Digg Digg, WP Easy Social Hover, etc.

5. Free Resources and Guides

Free resources are adored by all as long as they ensure a solution to their problem or answers their queries. Depending on the type of resources you wish to produce, the difficulty level of generating this kind of content ranges from easy to very tough level.

6. Attract More Google+ Shares

More Google+ posts shared within a social platform, more high-value links get attracted. This happens especially when you have included a link to one of the pages of the website within the Google+ post. Google+ is a microblogging platform. It holds immense potential to offer a huge number of opportunities for promoting or spread the word about a specific brand or website when maximized. You may start by building a strong follower base which will increase your chances of getting posts shared. Integrating Google+ with content marketing efforts is another best way. Blogging on Google+ will help!

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Most successful bloggers swear by lengthy posts (useful and valuable). These hold a higher potential of getting shared. You should add relevant links to external pages within Google+ posts. This will help you build links once people start sharing these posts. You must also focus on links to other people’s works. It helps build healthy relationships.

7. Tools

Most smart marketers love to try out new tools that help them reach out to their target audience. You may take a look at the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress and Google Analytics to get the best of results. These tools are quite helpful to their target industry. Most of their audience gets benefits and many users link back to product pages and/or recommend them further to their network.

In a Nutshell

Earning quality links be so hard. Creating useful content is the most important than building relationships and partnerships. Above mentioned tips will help you to build links this year without getting penalized!

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