The Benefit of Having a Mobile Application

Communication on the internet is evolving at a monumental speed with technological advances. Five years ago, the smartphone market was still in its infancy. Today, almost the entire French population is equipped, and nearly 80% of internet connections are now made via a Smartphone.

What consequence of your corporate communication? Quite simply, a website is no longer enough! Now your website must be perfectly suited to mobile use, otherwise, you risk losing most of your audience. Therefore, you have two solutions left: a mobile version and/or a mobile application.

Today, we are going to explain the interest of having a mobile application developed for your business.

Website, mobile version, or mobile application?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to recall some web vocabulary, so that no one gets lost on the way! We, therefore, need to differentiate four concepts: the website, the mobile version, the responsive version or the mobile application, Best Folio3 App Development company in the USA.

The website:

Your corporate website is quite simply a classic site, designed for navigation on the big screen, from a computer. The website is still essential today because it allows you to communicate on the internet and share useful information with your customers and prospects.

The responsive site:

With the rise of the mobile web, we have seen more and more responsive websites appear. They are simply websites designed to automatically adapt to the size of the screen on which they are viewed. Very effective, as they can adapt to any screen size, they are still quite limited for complex website projects. However, creating a responsive website remains one of the most popular ways to adapt a site to mobile navigation. This technique will in fact eventually replace the mobile version (see next point). The only downside: it is extremely difficult to adapt a non-responsive website to this technique. Better to think about creating a responsive website directly,

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The mobile version:

The mobile version of a website is simply a copy of your website, designed to fit the screen of a smartphone or tablet. This is often a simpler version, which allows you to quickly consult the content on a touch screen, from a web browser. If your website does not have a mobile copy or is not responsive, it may simply be unreadable on a smartphone … and therefore lose a large audience. Note: if a mobile version of a site is easier to develop than a responsive site, it is also more restrictive. Indeed, as a copy of your site, the mobile version is dissociable from it. In case of an update, you will therefore have to update the two versions of the site separately. Likewise, the links to the same content on your site or your mobile version will be different, which may cause compatibility problems. A mobile version does not take into account the size of the screen on which it is consulted, which does not make it suitable for 100% of smartphones and tablets.

The mobile application:

Unlike the mobile version, which can be viewed from a web browser, the mobile application (or App) is like software that you can install on your smartphone. If your customers install your mobile application, they will be able to access its content directly thanks to a logo, on the menu of their phone.

It is important to remember here that these concepts can be completely complementary. Even if internet browsing via smartphone is more and more popular, it is still essential to have a classic website design AU. We will then choose whether we prefer to create a responsive site or a mobile version for smartphone navigation. Having a mobile version of the same website will not prevent you from launching a mobile application.

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The purpose of our article of the day will simply be to show you the interest of a mobile application, and to make you understand its challenges!

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