In 2021: Fare and Ferries Guide from Kolkata, Chennai, and Vizag! Best Cruises to Andaman

How you want to make a trip from the Indian mainland to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour package on one of those memorable cruises across Bengal Bay! The cruise to Andaman is a one-time experience where you can enjoy uninterrupted and unalloyed sunset and sunrise views in the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, the surroundings at the sea and the sea.

Andaman Tourism opens up a number of rules and regulations in the present coronavirus scenario Tourists must submit a negative test report Covid-19 within 48 hours from the start of the trip. During Covid as well in places such as Rangat, Little Andaman and Diglipur, certain travel restrictions exist for Andaman.

About Cruises To Andaman

These are giant ships operated by and administered by the Shipping Corporation of India, available from the ports of Kolkata, Vizag, and Chennai and offer a splendid 3-4 day odyssey from the Indian continent to Andaman. Chennai Port, with most ships running from there, is the most famous of all 3. The ships that run back and forth from Chennai are MV Nicobar, MV Nancowry, MV Akbar, MV Harshavardhana, MV Svaraj Dweep. Please click on the following information for Chennai to Andaman cruise fare 2021, Chennai to Andaman ship fare 2022, Chennai to Andaman ship 2021, Chennai to Andaman ship ticket 2021, Chennai to Andaman ship price 2021.

1. Kolkata

That’s the longest route between Port Blair and Andaman, the three popular sea routes. It works best to travel from Kolkata to Andaman in January, February, March, April and November. If you are seasick then choose this Andaman cruise as these are the months of the least seasickness.

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2. Chennai

If you’re a resident of Chennai, you can make very easy bookings and boards by making a Chennai to Andaman cruise. However, if you are a non-resident who plans to board from Chennai, be sure you also take your time and expenses into account when arriving in Chennai. It would be better to advise a tour operator who can lead you and make the correct reservations for this Andaman cruise.

3. Vishakhapatnam

Andaman’s exploration is an adventure alone, but it takes you to a new level by boat on this Indian island. Although it is less time to reach us by the airway, a trip to Andaman is a lifetime experience worth living at least once.

Sea cruise to Andaman In 2021. Government-Run

From Indian continent to Andaman only government-run cruises are operated. You need to be quick on reservations with three to four trips a month from Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair and one to Port Blair and vice versa each month from Visakhapatnam. Depending on the type of accommodation you choose, the fare varies from INR 900 to INR 1000.

When you reserve a ticket, you must carry two photographs of the size of the passport, the government identity proof, and the request form. The beautiful journey takes nearly 4 days when the weather is normal. Along with the Andaman cruise fare, some of the most popular boats to make a trip to Andaman are given below:

1. MV Nicobar

From Chennai, Visakhapatnam, and Kolkata, MV Nicobar operates in Port Blair. Ensure you a memorable journey by boat to Andaman. The following prices are for non-Icelanders for MV Nicobar Cruises. There are 300 cabins, 900 decks, and 1200 passengers available to carry.

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2. MV Nancowry

Even known as carrying freight, MV Nancowry is a majestic ship to take on from Chennai to Andaman (Port Blair). From the SCI office in Chennai, the entire procedure and departure of the ship can be coordinated. The following prices are for non-Icelanders: the MV Nancowry cruise. There are 300 cabins, 900 decks, and 1200 passengers available to carry.

3. MV Swarajdweep

MV Swarajdweep makes a popular ride of all the popular cruises to Andaman. On the 3rd day, the passenger boat sails from port Chennai to Port Blair. The following prices are for non-Icelanders for MV Swarajdweep Cruise. There are 300 cabins, 900 decks, and 1200 passengers available to carry.

4. MV Harshavardhana

MS Harshavardhana is one of the most prestigious ships from Kolkata to Visakhapatnam to Port Blair, one of the most important ships for your memorable trip. The following prices are for non-Icelanders for the MV Harshavardhana cruise. The vessel consists of 153 cabins, 595 bunks or decks, and can transport 748 passengers in total.

5. MV Akbar

The oldest operating ship to Andaman is M.V. Akbar, which mainly flies between Kolkata – Port Blair and Visakhapatnam Port Blair. The following prices are for non-Icelanders for MV Akbar cruises. The boat consists of 121 booths, 1,414 decks and can carry 1535 passengers in total.

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