How to Check Someone’s Browser History Discreetly?

Digital transformation has taken the world quite far in the shortest period. Technology has become an integral part of all areas of life and now, we are totally dependent on it. Individuals are taking maximum advantage of it as it has evolved significantly with the passage of time.

Nowadays, undeveloped children and teens are also familiar with technology and its uses. The digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and others help us to connect with the entire world with just a single click.

Today, everyone owns a separate smartphone or PC and they rely on them to watch their favorite movies and shows, play games, interact with others on social media, and surf the web to find educational and entertaining content.

As a parent, if you have permitted your kids to utilize the computers or mobile phones at a very young age, then you make sure that they don’t visit gambling, pornography, and other unsuitable sites.

Proprietors also provide their employees with company-owned devices for work-related tasks. When managers are away, they waste time on social media websites and other unproductive acts rather than completing their duties. This deed could severely affect the corporation’s performance and lead it to heavy monetary damage.

To monitor their browser history secretly and remotely, you can use the TheOneSpy browsing history spy app. It assists you to spy on the browser history of your targeted computer or smartphone with accurate timestamps.

With its help, you can grab information about what sort of websites your dear ones and employees have explored, which webpages they have bookmarked, and much more. You can track the browsing history of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

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How Does The Browsing History Monitoring App Work?

First of all, install the spyware on the targeted machine and activate it. After installation and activation, go to your web portal and explore the features. There, you will see the option of “browser surveillance tool”. Simply enable it to get detailed browser history reports of the targeted person.

How to Install Browser Tracking Software on The Targeted Device?

To take full advantage of this app, it’s crucial to know how to obtain the spyware and set it up on the target’s system. Initially, you will have to acquire a subscription and get started with the installation process. For installation, you will have to get physical access to the device because remote installation is impossible.

After deploying the tool, activate it on the targeted user’s device. Additionally, to track the browsing history, you have to gain ingress to your web portal and enable the browser history spyware. Once you turn it on, you will start receiving detailed browsing history reports with exact time schedules.

Why It’s Important to Monitor Browsing History of Your Beloveds and Staff Members?

The internet is loaded with a vast repository of knowledge. At the same time, it contains unsuitable content that is bad for your child’s personality and he should not come across it at any cost. To know about what sort of websites they visit and which webpages they have bookmarked, you can depend on the tracking software. It supports you to safeguard them from inappropriate stuff.

The monitoring tool permits you to set parental control on their activities on the net and make sure they are only visiting harmless stuff and not engaged in bullying and other destructive deeds.

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Business owners allow their team members to use the company’s systems to finish their tasks and improve their skills by getting information on the internet. However, they misuse this opportunity and waste time chatting with families and friends on social sites, doing shopping, and watching adult movies.

According to a report, employees devote more than 3 hours to fruitless acts that could badly hurt a business’s productivity. To prevent them from wasting time, you can install a browsing history spy app on the company’s devices to keep a strict eye on their browsing activities.


Modern technology has made it easier for parents and employers to spy on the actions of their kids and workers to know what they are up to.

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