The Secret to Baking the Best Cookies

So what’s the secret to baking the best cookies? Well, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below to get the desired results each time you bake cookies.


This is the golden rule. You MUST focus on measuring all ingredients carefully. The recipe should be followed carefully. You need to learn how to use measuring cups and spoons.

Using Oven

This is the place where the cookies will get baked. So turn on the heat in the oven right according to the recipe (as instructed). Do not experiment in the beginning. Once you start getting things right, add your creativity slowly.

Dry Comes First

The rule is to mix dry ingredients first. Most people mix the entire mixture. They mix up all dry and wet ingredients together which is the biggest blunder. When you mix everything together, the gas bubbles from baking powder or soda will escape, leading to hard cookies. So make sure you mix the ingredients just to dampen the batter.

Crispier Cookies

Longing for your cookies to get thinner and crispier? The secret recipe is to add extra baking soda or powder to you batter. Do not use egg yolks alone to prepare the dough. Add a whole egg instead.

Thicker Cookies

If you love thicker, chewier cookies, use honey or brown sugar to sweeten the dough. Additionally, you must melt the butter prior to adding it to sweeteners (honey or sugar).

Evenly Sized

If you are wondering the secret to bake evenly-sized cookies, trust that ice cream measuring cup (scoop) lying in your pantry. Use it to measure the dough to ensure the cookies are of the same size.

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Freezing is Important

How do you think your favorite Gol Kaju cookies in Delhi come out so perfect? The manufacturers have the secret. They know skipping freezing of dough soon after rolling it out will ruin the efforts. Freezing will helps cookies retain their shape while baking. This is the proven method used by most professional cookie bakers.

Choose the Right Sheet

You must use cooled baking sheets. If you use the warm ones, the cookie dough might start melting earlier than they should. Additionally, you must use shiny aluminum sheets for baking. Using the darker version may absorb heat and give cookies unsightly browned bottoms.

Grease the Sheets

You should not forget to grease the baking sheets! So when you place cookies, leave some space in between. This is crucial to prevent them from sticking to each other during the baking procedure.

The Toothpick Test

As soon as the baking time is over, you must do this toothpick test. It is important to know if the cookie is ready. Simply stick a toothpick right in the center of the cookie and pull out fast. In case, it comes out clean, the cookies are perfectly done. If you don’t see a clean cookie, bake for some more time.

Expert Tip

Cookies have a tendency to break. In order to prevent them from breaking, you must cool on the baking sheet for at least a few minutes prior to transferring to a cooling rack. This will keep your favorite cookies intact.

Save the Efforts and Enjoy!

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Not in a mood to get into the hassles of baking those perfect cookies? Buy them from experts. Invest in the best cookies in Delhi and you won’t be disappointed. These experts are experienced and know how to offer you cookies the way you like them – hot, crispy, gooey or hard! So buy from the best cookie makers in Delhi and enjoy it. Also, store them in an airtight container to retain the texture and taste.

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