The Ultimate Guide to Overweight Summer Fashion

Fashion can be intimidating and exhausting on its own, let alone when you are overweight. Back in the day, a bigger body was considered a sign of health and wealth and was appreciated.

The problem is that in the world that we are today, surrounded by fashion influencers and models wherever we look, a thin, sleek frame is glorified.

The first thing you need to know is that you should dress how you feel, period. Yet, if you wish for tips to dress an overweight body, we have got you covered.

Here is Everything You Need to Know About Dressing an Overweight Body for the Summer.

1. Picking the Right Size.

What size you pick matters. The first step is to understand your body and know what you’re comfortable in. Most people tend to believe that for an overweight body, loose clothes are the best option. This is wrong.

When you wear baggy or loose clothes, you think it hides your weight, but it simply adds to it in reality. The same goes for clothes too small. Instead, pick clothes that fit you perfectly.

Also, if you decide to wear baggy pants, remember to wear a close-fitted shirt. Always have at least one part of your outfit fitted closely. Fitted clothes not only flatter your figure but also make you look self-assured. For pants, we advise you to go with a straight-leg or bootcut. For dresses and skirts, go for pencil or flit and flare. Avoid shapelessness.

Remember to pick the right lengths. For pants, ensure that your straight leg or bootcut is half an inch above the ground with shoes on. If you opt for skinny or slim leg pants, make sure they end near the ankle. Never go with cropped pants.

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For shorts, skirts and dresses, ensure that they end around the knee or shorter. For maxis, they should end about half an inch above the ground wearing shoes.

2. Colors, Prints, and Trends.

If you wish to minimize certain areas, darken the look. Bright colors accentuate areas, so if there is a particular area you wish to draw attention to, go for bright colors.

Always, always choose small prints over bigger ones. Small prints tend to flatter your body type.

When it comes to lines, always opt for verticals. Vertical lines make you appear taller and emphasize your body shape beautifully.

A good trend that draws your eye can sometimes make you feel like you cannot wear it just because you are conditioned to believe so. Remember, if a crop top comforts you, if leather pants make you feel good, go for it. Remember, anything looks good when you’re comfortable and confident carrying it.

3. Accessories and Shoes

While jewelry is not a necessity, it sure is a wonderful way to coordinate an outfit. When it comes to a bigger body, try to opt for statement pieces. Chunkier jewelry looks better on a curvy body.

Let’s not forget that pretty waist. If you find the idea appealing, use a belt. It will help bring out the hourglass shape of your curvy body when worn at the small par of the waist. Remember to pick belts matching the style you’re going for because they can truly make or break an outfit.

Choose hobo or tote bags instead of slings and clutches. A large bag looks simply gorgeous with a full figure. Make sure that a bag is proportional to your body before using it.

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It is always a great idea to wear scarves. Not only do they fit for almost any look, but they also make you look taller and leaner.

Last but not least, shoes. Wear open-top shoes. Shoes that show off skin make you taller. That is also the case with nude shoes. You can also wear high heels because these are always a great option.

4. Styling Swimsuits When You are Overweight

The best advice is to rock a swimsuit you feel comfortable in regardless of what cut or style it is. While you are perfectly capable of wearing just another swimsuit, if you’re a smidge insecure about how you look in one, here are tips that will instantly make you feel better.

The biggest concern is usually the belly area. The best swimsuits for belly insecurities are peplum tankinis and cutouts. Also, the deeper the plunge is, the more slimming it is.

You can also find swimsuits with vertical lines- not only do they look cute and fun for the summer, but they also beautify the body. Go for some good ol’ contrast too.

In addition, you can also find out more information and use discount codes for swimsuits brand to save time and money.

5. Money

After reading all that, your wallet probably hurts a bit. You’re probably thinking that how to save money but still get suitable dresses with your overweight body. Do not run away, and we have just the solution you need.

You can easily build your new wardrobe without worrying about cash. Have you heard of Couponxoo, the company everyone is talking about? If not, let me introduce them to you. They are your messiah, your savior.
It is a very convenient, useful page that develops algorithms that help you search for whatever you’re looking, and provides coupons that help you save a ton of cash. Wonderful, isn’t it?

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The key to dressing well is loving your body, knowing your body, and being comfortable in it because without self-love, you will not be able to accentuate your gorgeous frame, regardless of how big or small you are. It is a misconception overweight people are supposed to dress a certain way. That is incorrect. They are just as valid as any other body type, and the stigma against them needs to be removed.

Anyway, here’s what you need to remember. Whatever you choose, remember to not forget confidence. Don’t forget to save and shop. Head on to Couponxoo!

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