26 PPC Marketing Job Interview Questions

Paid Marketing is one of the important marketing strategies in Digital Marketing. To implement a Paid Marketing strategy in Google AdWords, one must have an in-depth understanding of the theoretical and usual implementing using the interface. Pay Per Click (PPC) is an important marketing strategy to target the audience looking for our product/service on the search network.

1. Define PPC marketing?

Ans: PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’. It is actually a marketing strategy that drives traffic to your website through search engines and various partner sites. Here, the advertiser will pay only when he receives the visit click on his ads.

2. What is Campaign Management?

Ans: It is a process involving the creation and management of an advertising campaign for any company on Google AdWords. Here, it is important to categorize campaigns based on AdGroups. Thereafter, relevant keywords are chosen for each adgroups. It manages ad formats and bidding for keywords etc. Ghe overall responsibility of the campaign manager is to manage the campaign and provide a Positive ROI.

3. What is DFP ?

Ans: DFP is an acronym for Double Click for Publishers. It is used when the publisher prefers to manage ads that will be broadcasted on their websites.

4. What is DFA ?

Ans: It stands for ‘Double Click for Advertisers’. DFA is an ad server used for tracking impressions and clicks for creatives on a wide range of networks. Buying inventory through DFA is not possible. It only helps to tracking the performance of campaigns. Ad trafficking and reporting are primary functions of DFA.

5. What is DBM?

Ans: An acronym for DoubleClick Bid Manager, DBM is a demand-side platform (DSP) by Google which facilitates the process of purchasing display media ads through a programmatic strategy.

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6. Explain Ad Trafficking?

Ans: The process of setting up an ad campaign keeping in mind technical aspects is referred to as ad trafficking. These include setting up the campaign, creatives, tracking links, etc. In most cases, an ad server or an advertising platform is used for performing ad trafficking.

7. Is DFA is an ad exchange?

Ans: No. DFA is not an ad exchange. The primary function of DFA is to track and assess impressions/clicks received on ad creatives.

8. What is Click Tag?

Ans: The tags are used to track the number of clicks on the link from varied sources.

9. What settings cannot be changed once an AdWords account is created?

Ans: You cannot change Time Zone and Currency once the account is created.

10. What is Google Publisher Tags?

Ans: Also known as GPT, it is an ad-tagging library to dynamically build ad requests. It extracts key details from you including the size of the ad, ad unit code, and key-values to build the request, and then displays the ad on web pages or mobile apps.

11. Define Google AdWords Double Serving policy?

Ans: The policy means that an advertiser cannot advertise for the same keywords/websites from more than one account. Google AdWords Serving policy aims at avoiding the display of ads of the same companies or companies with common ownership. Hence, users can see the ads from different providers.

12. What do understand by Quality Score?

Ans: Quality Score (QS) is a metric calculated for each keyword ranging between 1 to 10. It defines keyword quality compared with Ads and Landing Page. The metric is used for calculating the AdRank that further calculates the ad position.

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13. What is Actual CPC?

Ans: Actual CPC is the real cost of a click for any advertiser in an auction. It is the CPC calculated in realtime. Although it is not possible to know the Actual CPC, you can see Avg. CPC. It is calculated as the following:

Actual CPC = (AdRank to Beat/QS)+$0.01

14. How does Quality score impact on CPC and Ad Position?

Ans: Quality Score is inversely proportional to CPC. It is directly proportional to Ad Position. This indicates that higher QS results in reduced cost and higher position.

15. What type of ‘Quality Score’ you can achieve for keywords?

Ans: I have already scored ‘QS of 7 – 10’ in the past. Now I am looking forward to boost the quality score via integrating the latest optimization techniques in the campaign.

16. Mention the factors affecting ‘Quality Score’?

Ans: The metrics listed below affect ‘Quality Score’:
– CTR of the Keyword
– Quality of Landing Page
– Relevance of Keywords and Ads
– Historic Account Data

17. How can you Improve Conversion Rates ?

Ans: This is possible by creating ads which make a perfect match for keywords. Tightly themed ad groups should also be created to attract targeted users to the best landing pages. Another way is to improve the quality of the Landing Page. All of these can help improve the conversions.

18. Can you tell me a limit of characters used for PPC Ads ?

Ans: Different Search Engines have different Limits on ads characters as for Google you can put a maximum 25 for headline and 70 for description (1 and 2 combined).

19. Will a PPC Ad affect websites ranking on search engines?

Ans: No. There is no connection between PPC ad and the ranking process of search engines. The two don’t mix. Google and all other search engines rank both PPC and organic separately.

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20. How Google determines the invalid clicks and What is Invalid Click ?

Ans: Invalid clicks are fake, unintentional, and malicious software clicks. Google follows a sophisticated mechanism and algorithms to automatically detect and filter the invalid clicks from the user account.

21. What are PLA Ads?

Ans: PLA is an acronym for ‘product listing ads’. It is an advertisement strategy widely used to advertise products ads on Google search and partners. Also referred to as ‘Shopping Campaign’, it is mainly used by e-commerce websites.

22. Define Remarketing Audience. Also explain how to generate this list?

Ans: Remarketing audiences are actually users who have visited a website. Users can be added to the audience list via using the Google Remarketing tag on the website.

23. What do you mean by Converted Clicks ?

Ans: Converted clicks is precisely a metric. Its role is to track a total number of clicks that resulted in conversions. Google deprecates this metric.

24. What is the rule for CPV charges for an in-stream ad? How much is charged for a video of 60 secs length?

Ans: In case, a user watches 30 secs of the video, CPV will be charged in the account. The amount charged for 60 seconds video length may vary.

25. Explain Search Queries?

Ans: These are exact keywords for which the ads were triggered.

26. What are Price Extensions?

Ans: Price extensions is actually a format of extension. These are used to display the price of relevant products.

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