Understanding RFID Tags and their Uses

An acronym for ‘Radio frequency identification’, RFID tags are a significant part of daily life. This technology continues to develop, is being used regularly and being offered by RFID Metal Tags manufacturer in Delhi.

Uses of RFID

Ever observed the label on a bottle of alcohol? These RFID tags sold by top 10 tag manufacturer in India are attached on the bottle at stores to discourage theft. Stickers on car windshield used for permission of fine-free toll road usage are RFID tags.

In most cases, RFID tags are used for selling merchandise or tracking of packages. Sometimes, these are also used for tracking pets. The tags may be used for patients in various hospital settings.

Understanding RFID Tags

These tags are offered by the best RFID Tags manufacturer in India. The tags are mainly a type of tracking system that utilizes radio frequency to do the following with items and people:

– Search
– Identify
– Track
– Communicate

RFID tags work as smart labels that can be easily store a wide range of information such as large pages of data, varied serial numbers, short description etc. Certain types of RFID tags also integrate cryptographic security features. This helps with high level of verification and authentication.

Primarily, RFID tags sold by Tag Company in India can be identified by their radio frequencies. These are:

– Ultra-high frequency (UHF)
– Low frequency (LF)
– High frequency (HF)

Types of RFID Tags

RFID tags can be categorized into two types:

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Passive Tags – These are the most common types of RIFD tags. Passive tags can work without a direct line of sight to reader. The tags are light weight, smaller in size, and have shorter read range. Passive tags are most commonly used for the following:

– Supply chain and inventory management
– Asset and personnel tracking
– Logistics
– Industrial and manufacturing
– Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting
– Real-time location systems (RTLS) using 3D orientation insensitive design
– Gate and perimeter access control
– Pharmaceutical and healthcare
– Entertainment and travel
– Apparel and retail

Active Tags – These tags would need a unique transmitter of their own and power source. Active tags are more expensive than passive ones. These are durable, bulkier, and rugged. The most common example of an active RFID tag is a beacon. It is most commonly used for the following:

– Constant medical monitoring
– Theme park attendance

Understanding NFC Technology

NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’. It is a subset of HF RFID. This technology effectively establishes connection with the Internet of Things (IoT) to be used for several complex, secure connections.

An NFC tag establishes effective communication with various objects individually to make them work smarter and secure. Offered by reputed NFC metal tags manufacturer in Delhi, Near Field Communication technology is restricted to HF. It allows close-proximity communication. This allows scanning of only single NFC tag at a time.

Exceptionally simple to use, NFC has been successfully integrated into most mobile devices by top NFC tag manufacturer in Delhi. The best part is that the integration of this technology does not need any additional infrastructure.

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Help Businesses

RFID tags help businesses run efficiently without costing much. It yields positive results. There are a number of options these tags can be used for businesses. The most common ones include:

– Physical access cards
– Inlays
– Tags
– Labels
– Touchless solutions
– Addition of tamper functionality

RFID tags manufacturer in Delhi offer a wide range of solutions for varied applications. They also offer the best quality eco-friendly RFID tags promising the lowest carbon footprint offered in the industry.