5 Tips To Improve Your Seeding Ratios With The Help of SeedBoxes

It is common knowledge that maintaining a good ratio while seeding on private trackers is very difficult. There’s always a risk that you can get kicked out of the private tracker if you fail to meet the ratio. On the other hand, there are a lot of benefits to maintaining a good ratio. You can avail benefits like improved downloading speeds, better chances of invites, and an exalted reputation among peers if you are able to maintain a good ratio. With the help of seedboxes, you will be able to maintain a positive ratio which will keep you in the good books of private BitTorrent sites. Seedboxes have been increasingly getting popular among members of the torrenting community for a lot of benefits that can be availed from their use.

What is a seedbox?

A seedbox is nothing but a remote server that can be used to download torrents at insanely high speeds. Seedboxes are an excellent way to store and share files and you won’t even need them to save them on your devices. Another important benefit of seedboxes is that they are equipped with automation tools that help uses in seeding popular files before others. You can easily improve your seeding ratio with the help of seedboxes. If you are still confused as to how to increase your seeding ratio using a seedbox then read on further to figure out just how.

1. Begin by hosting smaller files:- One of the easiest ways of improving your seeding ratio is by downloading small files and later storing these files on your seedbox. This is because when you begin seeding small files, you greatly increase your chances of getting your files downloaded by seeders. For instance, suppose you have downloaded a small file of 600 MB and another person has downloaded a file of 2GB. Naturally, people will choose to download your file because it is of a smaller size. What you must do is to keep the files or movies on the seedbox because it will get very easy for people to download such files from the seedbox.

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2. Always go for new torrents:- Another way of increasing your seeding ratio is by using a new torrent as soon as it gets released. This is because when it comes to new torrents, there are a lot more downloaders than there are uploaders. Seedboxes come very handily in such situations like these and a lot of benefits can be availed from their use. With the help of seedboxes, you will be able to download new torrent versions very quickly. The second important benefit of seedboxes is that the faster you download the torrent, the quicker you will become better. All you need to do is to ensure that you have a very fast internet connection which can help you in downloading files quickly and efficiently.

3. Keep your files in the seedbox:- One way you could ensure that your ratio doesn’t plummet any further is by keeping the files that are being downloaded by the people in your seedbox. If you leave files that aren’t being downloaded by people then it can end up adversely affecting your ratio. Once you have finished downloading your data, you should keep the data running so that other seeders have an opportunity of downloading them. This will allow you with the ability to upload the file and this will greatly improve your download to upload ratio. One more important point that you need to note is to not move or delete any files that are being actively downloaded.

4. Take advantage of free downloads:- The next tip is to take full advantage of the free downloads that are offered on BitTorrent sites. This can really help you in increasing your seeding ratio. Your download statistics won’t be affected by free torrents so you can download these torrents as much as you want because they have no power to affect your ratio in any way whatsoever. This will prove to be of great benefit to you if you are just starting out because if you have more downloads, it will definitely affect your ratio for the good.

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5. Use the best seedbox host:- Check out all the options in the market but always settle on the option best suited for your requirements. As long as it’s possible, always use a top-quality seedbox provider which will ensure that your dedicated services remain online. A good seedbox host will ensure that your files are uploaded and downloaded as quickly as possible, which is necessary for maintaining a good ratio.

The Bottom Line

It is very important to use seedboxes, especially if you are joining an exclusive torrent site. There are many benefits of using seedboxes, right from maintaining a healthy ratio to preventing yourself from getting blocked by different sites.

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